• Shiva Child
    Shiva Child

  • Lisa Clark with student in Embodi Yoga training
    Lisa Clark with student in Embodi Yoga training

  • Embodiyoga 200hr Training
    Embodiyoga 200hr Training

  • Ganges River, Haidakhan, India
    Ganges River, Haidakhan, India

Learn about Lisa, the instructor
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Learn about Lisa, the instructor
Here it from them
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Embodi Yoga

EmbodiYoga is an invitation to explore increased levels of consciousness through lived embodiment. When we learn to embody life through the practice of yoga, and to unravel the inner workings of the eight limbs of yoga, we begin to experience our lives through the felt sense of the body. This approach combines somatic inquiry with the integration of the body-mind continuum in exploring how the body-mind expresses itself. EmbodiYoga explores the roots of yoga and bridges ancient yoga practice with current knowledge of the human body / our body in accordance with the demands of today. It explores the transformative and creative potential of yoga, and provides tools for accessing deeper levels of the human experience through embodiment and developing kinesthetic empathy. EmbodiYoga is at the forefront of a radical global evolution in the dialogue of yoga as well as effecting a shift in consciousness through yoga. It arose out of Lisa Clark's lifetime journey to unravel, understand, and embody yoga as a felt lived experience. Her approach merges enigmatic yoga with current up-to-date somatic experience. Most people today perform within a very limited range of what they are capable of physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and have lost the receptive and intuitive ground of their being. The dharma, the pathway of working with the body, involves healing rifts within our personal and cultural awareness to re-own or embody our true nature. EmbodiYoga is not about perfecting what we do on the mat . . . it is about realizing that everything we do in our lives is the mat. EmbodiYoga goes beyond yoga on the mat, making it practical . . . an embodied life.